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MSW’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Visit – Part 3 The Costumes!

Thoughts on the good and the bad with Galaxy's Edge's hero costumes!

MSW’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Visit – Part 3 The Costumes

The cast members or Josh Gad clones all looked great. The way the costumes are mixed up is interesting and I even found myself noticing who did a good job of dressing for the universe as they supposedly get to pick the components that make up their costumes. Some had hoods on and I saw one with a bright colored dress compared to the rest which was different and unusual. But I loved it all. The various components even when mixed strangely had a nice personality to it. But the real issues weren’t with the general cast members but the hero costumes. 

If I had to be critical about the hero experience it would be the hero costumes. Vii looked awesome. The costume was legit looking and it might have felt right in The Last Jedi. The problem that I had was with the characters who we know from the films themselves.

Kylo, Rey, and Chewbacca appeared to be the costumes they use for the meet and greet photo opportunities in Tomorrowland’s Star Wars: Launch Bay. My kids are obsessed with Chewbacca and we have lots of pictures with with the Wookiee. There’s several different Wookiee costumes and some are really bad compared to others. There must be at least four variations or different. Chewie costumes they use, I would say. On this day, I did not see the good ones for Chewbacca out there.

It seems weird to me to make Galaxy’s Edge as elaborate as it is and then use the really bad Chewbacca costumes instead of making new good ones.  If you’ve seen Step Brothers, this is one time it is not okay the mask is not movie accurate. It would be like making the Falcon less than movie accurate. I get these costumes are going to experience wear and tear and they’re expensive but is the bad costume that much cheaper than the good one? 

Rey and Kylo Ren are also wearing their Star Wars: The Force Awakens costumes. With the level of detail paid to making sure things fall into continuity making it weird but perhaps it is only a problem for now that will be solved later. 

Kylo’s mask serves a plot point in The Rise of Skywalker. They’re between a rock and a hard place on that one. Kids need to see Kylo in the mask to get who it is or to care about who it is. An attractive Adam Driver type from Orange County isn’t going to cut it for them the kids. It would have been neater if he had the mask on but his Last Jedi costume under it to at least not make it feel like we’re falling back that far.

Rey’s costume can be explained away by it being “laundry day” when she gets to Batuu. It would be nice if those costumes reflected the continuity or if they just designed costumes for the heroes in between the films that were close enough that kids identified the heroes but different enough to not be distracting. Generally, it wouldn’t matter, but the Smugglers Run visuals change with the time of day. They cast members only say “Bright suns!” to you when it is day time. Prequel era items are aged and weathered appropriately. Everything else raise the bar and this kind of scoots under it. 

It feels like they made the rules by paying such an attention to detail and then they broke them. I hope as The Rise of Skywalker hits the main hero costumes will get refreshed to reflect those changes and I hope this is temporary. However, that Chewbacca costume is worse than a lot of the fan made ones I see at events like Star Wars Celebration all the time. So that one doesn’t get a pass either way. Hopefully as that one wears out they replace it with something more movie accurate. 

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