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MSW’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Visit – Part 6 Hondo Ohnaka’s Office at The Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run!

We're pirates, we don't even know what an office is!


The animatronic Hondo Ohnaka is amazingly rad. It blows away Indiana Jones from that ride and is more impressive than anything you see Jack Sparrow do in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. It was insane to see this character I loved from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, a show I had to practically proselytize for to get people to watch about ten years ago being the star of the show. Hondo is now a main attraction. Star Wars is amazing. Never count any character or anything out.

Hondo’s dialogue is as witty and and as quippy as you can remember him being on The Clone Wars. But now he’s lived beyond that series and beyond Star Wars Rebels and the Galactic Empire and he’s in the sequel trilogy era running Ohnaka Transport Solutions. He looks rather regal with his emblematic rancor belt buckle and matching hat. He makes it pretty clear he’s scheister and this is about money. I saw him five times that day and each time the script and the performance amused me and made me smile.

At one moment during the office visit, Chewbacca shows up on the view screen. He has very little patience for Hondo’s antics. Chewbacca agrees to let Hondo borrow the Falcon for the mission. So that explains why Hondo has the Falcon on the ride, a plot mystery we were trying to solve back when we scooped Ohnaka Transport Solutions would be a part of the ride in October of 2018.

It is in Hondo’s office that people are moved to the left or the right sides of the room for queuing to the Falcon itself. It is also here that you are given a cardboard data card which designates your position on the Falcon as a pilot, a gunner, or an engineer.

Hondo’s office is pretty cool in that he has an orange Artoo unit with teeth drawn on its mouth. He interacts with the droid a little and the droid is working on something in the office but manages to a full range or emotes and tilts during the experience.

There is also a huge window behind Hondo that looks out into the sky and you can see ships flying and landing. The visual effect isn’t meant to be realistic but rather stylized instead. I liked it and it was strange but really cool to look at and even cooler when you see the Falcon come into view and land on the pad you’re about to walk on to get on the ship.

As you leave the area Hondo informs you that he will be joining you for the mission. After the mundane experience in line for the Falcon, this moment made the entire wait a lot of fun.

Up next: The Falcon’s Lobby!

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