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MSW’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Visit – Part 7 Smugglers Run The Falcon’s “Lobby.”

Into the belly of the Falcon!

The lobby area of the Falcon was easily one of my favorite locations to visit in the entire experience at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. After being assigned your position on the Falcon, you’ll notice your card that made you an engineer, gunner, or pilot also has a color to it. So when they call “red group” that’s your time to get in the cockpit. If your card is white you just hang out until they call you color. You’ll have a few minutes to kill before that happens. So you might as well explore the Falcon. How cool is that?

One thing that randomly happens is the power inside the Falcon goes out and the lights turn off. It is kind of like the Haunted Mansion’s moment where you are in darkness and then the lady is hanging above you. But in this instance it continues until someone runs to the rear of the Falcon near the bunks (with a very comfortable looking blanket I hope they start selling there) and hits the buttons on the panel to solve the problem and restore power to the ship.

Each time the power went out, the cast members on the ship would get really annoyed while in character. They would explain that Hondo actually fines them for any damages to the ship and that means he’s going to be docking our pay. It is kind of a little tease about what happens when you fly the ship later on in the Smugglers Run experience. It is a really fun and immersive moment that’s going to make people who know how to fix it the hero of the moment amongst general visitors, so remember old Jason taught you that trick. Side note: spinning is also a good trick.

We sat at the Dejarik “Chess Board” table which was really cool to finally do. There’s a lot of little “Bucket List” moments that happen during this experience. While sitting there, I noticed Luke Skywalker’s blast shield helmet, training probe, Luke’s hoth binoculars, and the gas masks from Empire and Force Awakens behind the seats as well. 

The buttons on the Dejarik table were already defaced, unfortunately. Some savages pried the buttons off as momentos already. I’m sure they’ll be fixed. Cast members visiting the ride were appalled anyone did that, especially when it hadn’t even opened yet and it was just media and cast member friends and family. If you see anyone doing that, let Chewbacca rip their arms out of their sockets. No one defaces the Falcon in my town and gets away with it. That’s as bad as stepping on a church.

On another part of the ship, I noticed a porg’s nest. However, there was no porg in it. A few moments later I noticed a cast member walking around with a giant net like she was hunting Pokémon. She looked at me and asked “have you seen any porgs around here” and I shook my head “no” and she continued her hunt. I hope she doesn’t have any kind of personal epiphany while doing this job because I can only imagine her trying to explain what she was doing with her therapist. 

But I really can’t express how rad it is to sit down on the Falcon and relax after waiting in line for a bit. They managed to make this part of the line so good when you get called to the best part, the actual ride itself, you are almost a little sad to move on from it. So any shortcomings the first part of the interior line had is completely made up for by Hondo’s office and once you’re actually on the Falcon itself. If I had to be critical, I’d say a porg should have been in the nest but I really am so happy with it in general, it doesn’t bother me.

More than once I heard people say they were sad to have to ride the ride because they didn’t want to leave and I cannot echo that sentiment enough.

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