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MSW’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Visit – Part 8 The Smugglers Run Coaxium Mission!

The mission with Hondo!

After everyone sits down in the cockpit you will blast out of Batuu and head towards Corellia, if you get the mission we sampled. Your mission is rip off coaxium so the Resistance can have hyperfuel. That’s why Chewbacca allows Hondo to borrow the Falcon from him after the events of The Last Jedi and before the events of The Rise of Skywalker.

The look of the ride isn’t bad. I don’t have any huge nitpicks about it. But it is essentially a really good video game projected all around the cockpit. So in a way, the ride is not as visually stunning as say Star Tours in 3D. In fact, it didn’t mess with my interest in that ride one bit since they offer completely different experiences. I think that’s good. If you’re someone who wondered what would happen to Star Tours once Galaxy’s Edge opened up, I hope nothing happens to it anytime soon. Star Tours offers a better visual experience while Smugglers Run offers an interactive experience.

Flying out of Batuu is exhilarating. You have to clear the spires when leaving and landing and usually you graze one on the way out. But you have the feeling of actually leaving and flying to Corellia albeit really fast. At one point you’re flying in the Corellian shipyards just trying to not hit cranes and scaffolding type elements.

Kylo Ren’s command shuttle turns up once they get wind you’re there to rob the joint. You get to fight his ship and battle TIE fighters while trying to not crash as your engineers fix your crew’s mistakes. There’s a lot going on so excuse my inability to get this completely in chronological order. 

When going for the first coaxium, usually the Falcon ends up taking some damage and it actually loses power and crashes. As the ship skids out and Hondo says it could be worse. Your dead ship begins to fall and he says it is worse. The engineers restart the ship’s engines and you blast off again and you usually obtain the first coaxium after that point if your team performs accordingly. 

Chasing the trains through the tunnels and shooting the 20-T Railcrawler conveyex transport trains is fun. As you lift the cargo from them, Hondo gladly takes them off your hands in case you die. He’s not dumb. Getting the coaxium off these trains is the main agenda of the mission. Having Hondo along gives the Falcon some of that scoundrel vibe we’re used to having in association with the ship. It feels right. 

Once you fight your way off Corellia you have to fight back to Batuu and through an asteroid field. During this entire time, Hondo is hilariously telling you what to do next and being a shyster which I enjoyed a lot. 

At the end of the mission, as you get back to Batuu, I noticed Star Tours leaving the planet on a few of the times I was on the mission. Hondo then informs you that Chewbacca is going to guide the ship back to the landing pad for you. I think this was to not make players have to actually land the ship. If you played the Top Gun NES game, you’d know landing isn’t for everyone.

It was a pretty neat and fast paced adventure overall. It is hard to relay all of the random things that happened during the flight. But at one point the gunners proton torpedo some stuff and take out a Star Destroyer that begins to fall on you until the pilot boots the ship through the falling debris to safety. As a pilot, it was really fun to make the ship blast beyond the falling ship. As a gunner it was rad to actually fire the torpedo. As an engineer, it was…cool to just be there? 

As Chewbacca takes you to land, sometimes Hondo says you brought something back with you and he starts to mention tentacles and such. He will then say its on his ship but you never see it and it doesn’t seem to really be anything other than Hondo’s wacky adventures continuing, I think (but I could be wrong). One of the Disney employees told me that you get more stuff if they need more time letting people off the ride. So that ending can change depending on that. However, one flight, I sat there or about three minutes looking at the space port until it ended so maybe it can be a little buggy still on that front or maybe we just got done really fast with the mission.

If you do really well when you land, the lights on the side hallways of the Falcon will be green. You know those little lights on the outside of the Falcon? Threepio’s head hits one in Empire Strikes Back when he’s on Chewie’s back. Anyways, green is good and red is bad. Also, the cast member who opens the door for you will react to your return and ask you how you did and congratulate you or be disappointed in your performance. If you do poorly the ship’s hallways are pretty messed up and worse for wear.

I should say that for just being on a few missions, I never got tired of doing this even after five times. So I can imagine when you get to do the other ones this ride will have so much life and longevity for die hard Star Wars fans that I don’t see myself getting tired of it anytime soon. It is actually the reason I want to continue with my Annual Pass this next year.

Also, as you leave the Falcon and exit the ship, once you get on the lower level, look at the wall and you’ll see a rathtar in the wall. If you closer you’ll notice it is actually a rathtar in carbonite. I guess Solo didn’t feel right putting things in carbonite after his experience. 

While on Smugglers Run, when you leave Batuu and return to Batuu it will be day time it actually is outside. So you can see Batuu from the ride during the day and during evening. If it is night time it will change the time accordingly. That kind of detail is pretty cool and something I hadn’t even considered until it actually got dark and you could tell it was way different than my first mission earlier in the day.

I loved Smugglers Run.

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