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Spoilers: Some events from the Jungle World in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker!

Klaud, A cave, The Falcon, Orange X-wing, Resistance, First Order, and more!

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Bungle in the Jungle!

At the end of the second act of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker we arrive at a jungle planet. The jungle planet is the location everyone meets at before the heroes go onto their climatic encounters with evil at the end of the film. But apparently things do not all goes as planned during the resistance planning sequence of the film and a skirmish breaks out.

This was what we saw being filmed in Black Park with the Orange X-wing and the Millennium Falcon from August 22nd, 2018 on MSW:

The Orange X-wing and set construction at Black Park:

The Cave

There appears to be a sequence where the heroes go down into a cave earlier on. If you recall we covered aspects of a cave entrance being built using huge prefabricated rocks last summer. It sounds like the heroes enter the cave and that is where we are introduced to Klaud, a giant slug who agrees to help the resistance fighters.

Fire Bird

Details are sparse but I have seen evidence that the Falcon has a pretty bad fire on this jungle world. It does seem like the Falcon makes it off the planet but it does make me wonder if the Falcon is damaged for the majority of the film. However, this being the end of the second act, we can’t be certain the Falcon makes it. The Falcon seems to get a lot of abuse in this film.

Following the introduction of Klaud a resistance meeting takes place that takes our heroes to the ending. This sounds like the “map room” sequence from The Force Awakens where we learn what the heroes need to do and what they’re up against.

A Brief Aside on Black Park for The Rise of Skywalker

We have heard that the interiors to the cave some exteriors for this sequence were also shot at Pinewood Studios in addition to the Black Park stuff we covered over the summer. Black Park appears to have been used for the jungle planet, the swamp planet, and we believe the exterior of the droid factory where D.0. is introduced.

This piece of concept art from a droid repair/recycling facility on a Star Destroyer. In The Art of Star Wars: The Force Awakens by Phil Szostak was recently shared on Twitter and appears to be really similar to what we’ve heard about D.O.’s introduction on the snow planet:

Sources have indicated that J.J. Abrams seems to be using a lot of ideas from The Force Awakens in this film that didn’t fit into that movie but fit perfectly into this one. We’ve now seen many instances of this from just cool ideas that didn’t fit into some out of necessity. 

Some Kind of Battle

Resistance and First Order soldiers appear to face off on this world. I was told the sequence where Kylo slams the guy down in the trailer is on the swamp planet and involved twenty swamp warriors in total. This planet has the resistance troopers with the big hats that seem derivative of the Endor Rebel Soldiers from Return of the Jedi. This appears to be where we heard about actors joking it was difficult to march like actual military and our source spotted the first woman to play a Stormtrooper back in the costume for another Star Wars film.

Attack of the Clones Part Deux

Another interesting thing I’ve learned about the jungle planet is that some walkers not seen since Attack of the Clones are said to be involved on the jungle world sequence. Does Klaud provide the resistance with something to momentarily thwart a First Order attack? Is the Falcon damaged when they arrive or in an attack after the meeting? We have walkers from Attack of the Clones, the Falcon on fire, and First Order troopers attacking the heroes. We are assuming the walkers are AT-TEs.

We’ll have to see how it shakes out! It sounds exciting and fun with lots of classic Star Wars elements and eccentricities. There’s a lot to unpack here! Have fun and have a good May the 4th!


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