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Around the Galaxy #15 – John Hoey, Part 1 of 2

John Hoey from the Resistance Broadcast talks Attack of the Clones, Episode IX Speculation and The Pros and Cons of Fan Theories

John Hoey is the lead editor for Star Wars News Net and one of three hosts on the Resistance Broadcast.

On this episode we talk about Prequel memories, our love/hate relationship with Attack of the Clones, some speculation on Episode IX, Reylo and redemption, and the pros and cons of Fan Theories.

8:00 – The Star Wars connection
12:45 – Prequel memories
14:30 – Attack of the Clones
20:00 – The Wal-Mart Coffee pot!
22:00 – Pete’s (VERY brief) George Lucas impression
26:15 – Revenge of the Sith
32:45 – Speculation for Episode IX
42:45 – Bendemption?
44:00 – Fan Theories – Pros and Cons
48:00 – Fandom Menace and where it comes from
53:30 – Staying positive

Around the Galaxy, a part of the Making Star Wars Podcast Network, is a one hour, one guest, Star Wars fan talkshow. Every week we feature celebrities, podcasters, collectors and super fans and talk about what makes their Star Wars fandom special and what the saga means to them.

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