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Over twenty 3D photos from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge!

The Captain Eo it is okay to like.

Over twenty 3D photos from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge!

Last night one of my best buds, Iraj from The Sith List, took me with him to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. It was a pretty nice experience the second time out. It was neat to take this mask off and look at Iraj with my own eyes while he experienced Batuu for the first time. The blue milk taste better than the green overall but is still a huge ripoff. The Christmas ornament style Coke bottles are super cold and taste really good so I can see past the holiday reuse.

I know a lot of you can’t make it out to the park for sometime because life doesn’t always care that a new Star Wars land opened up. So the next best thing, which doesn’t even compare, are photos. I tried to take it a step further and make some 3D photos for you all to enjoy. I’m still learning what makes a good 3D photo and I’m often surprised by what does not. But if you guys enjoy looking at them, I’ll keep taking and making them. The new iPhone’s range for the 3D photo portrait is about 8 feet so I can’t do anything and I had to get a little creative to get some shots.

This is kind of a test. I haven’t embedded 3D photos from Facebook before. I do think the photos look the best on a phone rather than a computer. If you enjoy these, I suggest following MakingStarWars.net on Facebook where I will likely be posting them periodically and some shots I won’t include in this curation but maybe entertain you nevertheless.

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Also check out the new video from Kitra and Pete where they break down the weirdest products you can buy at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge!

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