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Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures just did the Rancor episode and it is pretty rad.

I like monsters.

Today a new episode of Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures came out and it’s pretty rad. If you’re a monster fan, the series just did the retelling of Luke Skywalker facing off against the Rancor Monster. As a kid, the Rancor was one of my favorite parts of Star Wars. Okay, as an adult the Rancor is still one of my favorite parts of Star Wars.

I really enjoy watching this series with my five year old son and four year old daughter. They’ve both hit the point where they like Star Wars on their own. There’s days when I’ve podcasted and written about Star Wars all day and I’m just ready to chill out and watch something else. But they didn’t do that. They want to watch Return of the Jedi. A few days ago my son tells me he wants to watch Return of the Jedi because he loves Lando’s squill on the skiff and he starts cracking up.

This series has been rad in the sense that we get to micro-dose Star Wars and they want to discuss that little moment of the series by itself. It really helps bring out the features a movie like Return of the Jedi has which can be overlooked because there’s such a concentration of fun things going on in every Star Wars film.

I didn’t expect to dig this one as much as I did. Sometimes they really connect with me and sometimes they just don’t. Sometimes there’s not really even a valid reason other than I just didn’t like the interpretation and other times I wish moments from this series happened on screen in that way. I think that’s because it is a pretty fun series that takes the right chances even if it doesn’t always pan out.

Some men just want to see the world burn.


The Rancor episode is maybe my favorite one so far.

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