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Video: The Most Ridiculous Things to Buy in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge!

But you know you still want it all.

I’m going to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge tonight. I haven’t had a chance to go since it officially opened. There’s a lot of stuff for sale I missed or just wasn’t available yet the first time I was there. This video of Kitra and Peter from Ordinary Adventures does a pretty fun job of showing off the most ridiculous merchandise one can find at Galaxy’s Edge. The video is pretty cool in that it shows clips of the merchandise being used in the Star Wars Saga when possible. I imagine Galaxy’s Edge will bring in a lot of new fans discovering Star Wars through the park and a video like this might help them know what is being sold and why it is notable.

So much of Galaxy’s Edge is an experience that I found it hard to buy gifts for anyone while there. A lot of the stuff in the video is actually kind of cool on that front if you exclude the costs. If someone gave me Luke Skywalker’s rations as a gift, I’d kind of dig it but I’d probably not buy it for myself while at in the park compared to getting just about anything else. But that’s what makes a lot of this stuff good for gifts for friends who haven’t gone yet.

I’d like to ad an honorable mention to the Jedi food stuff, they also sell the Jedi Comlink. Those make me laugh because they’re just Gillette Ladies Sensor Excell Razor handles. So in a weird way, Disney is selling us repainted leg shavers for around thirty dollars.

I dig how creative and in-universe the merchandise is though. They found a way to make the experience something you can’t get anywhere but in the park itself which is pretty cool. When I worked at the Kaybee Toys Kiosk for The Phantom Menace in 1999 we sold those Padawan braids with the launch of the film’s toy line. Well, I shouldn’t say we sold any as I don’t think we sold any at all. That said outside of a costume shop, it is probably the only place they could sell one today because it never clicked at retail in the mall. But I actually saw people pick them up when I was there a few weeks ago in Disneyland.

Make sure you like and subscribe to Kitra and Pete’s channel Ordinary Adventures which I’m sure will be cover a lot of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge content in the future. I’m really excited to be going back for the second time tonight and their video has me wanting to be buy things I don’t need already.

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