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Episode #24 – Shannon Moran, podcaster and VFX Editor

Watching Star Wars as a VFX editor, early Star Wars memories, Reylo light, and the art of the movie trailer

Shannon Moran is an Visual Effects editor in London who also runs a podcast called “Postcards From the Galaxy’s Edge.” As an editor she’s worked on major motion pictures for Jon Favreau including Jungle Book and The Lion King and, most recently Netflix’s Dark Crystal.

On this episode we talk about watching Star Wars as a VFX editor, early Star Wars memories, being Reylo light, the art of the movie trailer and even video gaming.

2:30 Welcome
3:00 What Makes You a Star Wars Fan?
4:15 Star Wars and Social Media
5:30 Postcards from the Galaxy’s Edge
10:45 Life as a VFX editor
18:30 First Star Wars experiences
26:30 Strong Women
28:15 Prequels
38:15 Rey’s Parentage
44:00 Reylo Light
51:00 Ten questions
73:15 Love for Daisy

Twitter: @FromGalaxysEdge
Insta: PostcardsFromtheGalaxysEdge
YouTube: ShannonMoran
Twitch: Shenanigen_Plays

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