Star Wars: The Mandalorian shirt designs hit Amazon!

At some point today, shirt designs for Star Wars: The Mandalorian hit Amazon.com. The shirts further confirm IG-11 is not IG-88. This is some of the first merchandise we’ve seen from the Disney+ live action Star Wars series.

The art style reminds me of some of the art we saw of Rey merchandise for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. That content was used on shirts, folders, stickers and so on. I want to say the sun in the background was even used in a similar fashion.

We aren’t sure who originally discovered the shirts but we’re thankful they did and we’ll gladly credit them for their find if it becomes apparent.

I like the art for what it is. I’m currently in Galaxy’s Edge as I write this, totally submerged in Star Wars content and it’s catching my eye so I suppose that counts for something.

I had to throw in on the expensive blue milk to write this post. That’s life.

Keep checking back for more Star Wars: The Mandalorian news.

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Jason Ward (EIC)

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