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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker concept art, a game of pareidolia, and Black Park!

Hard to read concept art and Black Park updates!

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Today we have a weird Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker update. Up first is some concept art from what we believe to mainly be from The Rise of Skywalker. When it comes to a wall or a board with concept art you can never be too certain. But a friend of MakingStarWars.net passed this image onto us from a location where work on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is in full swing. The images are rough but appreciated.

It would be an overstep to pretend we know what any of this stuff actually pertains to. We have some guesses and yours are as good as ours so feel free to help us make some better guesses here. The first image is the best look at the images in the resolution we received them. The following images are a lame attempt at shouting “enhance!” at the screen until something happens.

Are these these pieces on this board in order or just randomly placed on the board?

A few of the images have a very Mustafar vibe to them with fire and a castle. There are rumors that Rey and Kylo fight there, possibly during a “flash fight” sequence. But we also heard rumors about a creepy monastery type place that Kylo takes his helmet to where an ape type creature helps his forge his mask into the cracked red version we’ve seen.



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  • Black Park has a lot of activity right now making it difficult to figure out if the prep work in the area is for Star Wars or something else. A trusted friend at Pinewood believes the work is likely to be for Bond which has  taken over the facilities in a big way recently but there’s always the Marvel production too. But in case we are seeing those sets going back up here is the information we have been given from friends.
  • At the end of last month, Black Park put up the attached notice in the park saying that this area would be fenced off and a set built during July, August and early September. The same notice says that another area would be dressed for filming from late August onwards. This last area is next to some cottages that are at the far end of the Millennium Falcon set, so I am unclear if this is a new area or refers to the Millennium Falcon ‘reshoot’
  • Black Park management says the area would be cordoned off until the end of July.
  • The Millenium Falcon area had tropical plants on it from last week. Today, Saturday, a security guard had been parked on a stand behind the fence to look out for people taking photos
  •  The same netting was there last year. Actually, when I stopped by there today it looked like the amount of overhead netting had been increased.
  • I have no information to confirm this is SW – other than the fencing and camo is the same and the font and colour of the signposts for this set are the same as for the one we know to be Star Wars. This set is signposted “S.L.”.

Bespin Bulletin also heard similar information.

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EXCLUSIVE: ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ reshoots filming from July until September at Black Park. Minor movement at the sets. So, for the past few weeks I’ve been keeping track of TRoS’ movements at Black Park in England. For a few weeks we’ve seen one location being fenced off, the area where they filmed the Millennium Falcon last summer. Today at this site, we’ll call the it site one, there’s now security, generators and a cafe of sorts. The biggest thing is that there is now a poster up, advising those visiting the park that a film production will be in certain area’s from July until September – you can see the poster in my first image. Today, another area has been fenced off. We’ll call it site two. This area’s fences are also covered with camouflage netting like site one. Site two seems to be prepping a big set with the area having lots of wood and site offices. No word if this is for Star Wars as they haven’t previously filmed in this area for TROS but the notice refers to the sites as one production. There’s also a third area which is scheduled for filming in August, this area, site three is the exact same area as filming for the swamp and snow planets took place. You may remember pictures from late last year and early this year of a lake, this is that area. This area will only be filming for two days.

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