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Episode #25 – Scott Chernoff, Star Wars Insider

Former Managing Editor of Star Wars Insider shares fun and funny stories about his unprecedented access to the Prequels, thoughts on the Disney-era and the ugliness of the #FandomMenace

Old School Star Wars fans know Scott Chernoff as the managing editor of the publication that was their only lifeline to Star Wars during the dark times before the Special Editions and the Prequels: Star Wars Insider. After leaving the magazine shortly after Attack of the Clones, Scott went on to be a writer for Conan O’Brien and BoJack Horseman and an actor on Adult Swim shows Rick and Morty and Hotstreets.

In this episode of Around the Galaxy, the Star Wars Fan Talkshow, Scott joins us to share some fun and funny stories about his unprecedented access to the Prequels, thoughts on the Disney-era Star Wars films and the ugliness of the FandomMenace.

4:15 – Original Star Wars Celebration(s)
8:30 Early access to the Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones
13:30 Responding to the Prequels
16:45 The Yoda puppet
19:45 Great experiences and appreciating the gig
26:00 The Dark Times
33:00 After Insider
37:15 Star Wars Holiday Special and the “creepy” Ewok movies
39:30 Dear 2-1B
44:00 The Disney era
48:45 The sequels and anthology films are fan fiction
50:30 The FandomMenace
60:00 Ten Questions

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