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Episode #27 – Nathan Hamill: Growing up Star Wars, Toys and Episode IX Theories

The Son of Skywalker and Pete Fletzer sit down to talk about Star Wars in the Family, the Sequels and Episode IX speculation

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Nathan Hamill is an artist from Los Angeles with an affinity for large eyed creatures, ranging from cute to macabre, bashful to bellicose. He was raised on a healthy diet of cartoons, comics, movies and toys, which informed his personality and artistic sensibilities. He also happens to be the son of Luke Skywalker, Mark Hamill.

On this episode we talk about growing up with Star Wars, his take on the Star Wars Sequels and Episode IX speculation with the Son of Skywalker.

3:00 2 Dumb Dinos and other artwork
7:45 Intro to Star Wars and early memories
9:00 Uncle George and the toy room
10:15 SW during the Dark Times
12:45 Being IN Star Wars
15:30 Nathan’s take on The Sequels & Luke’s Character arc
20:00 Where does Nathan rank TLJ?
22:30 Mando – #PutNathanInMando2
25:00 Unique experiences
28:00 Spoilers in the family
30:30 Fan theories, speculation, #Reylo and Redemption
36:45 Ten Questions


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