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Huge Rumors: Sith Knives Out! Rey’s parents, Threepio’s Red Eyes, Sith Rey, Wayfinders and more explained?

Unverified rumors that lined up with the D23 Special Look!

Spoiler Warning: Please do not openly share the contents of this article on social media and spoil anyone that does not wish to be spoiled. Everyone has a different view regarding what constitutes a spoiler. Be cool and be careful.

The recent D23 footage from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker opened up more questions for us fans than it answered. The “special look” footage lines up with a lot of rumors I had heard in the last year. Our recent story about the Sith Fleet lines up with what we saw in the trailer as well. The rumors below are pretty big and line up with the D23 Special Look footage.

Because of the level of verification I’m able to conduct at the moment, please classify all of this as rumor and not 100% verified information. That said, I have some confidence in the information or I wouldn’t even bother writing this. The information in this news story sat beside information that panned out in the “special look” we had at D23. These could be inaccurate reports that line up with the footage perfectly but that seems somewhat unlikely.

Rey’s First Scene in The Rise of Skywalker

More than one source that appears credible has noted that the film, as far as Rey is concerned, opens with her training in the woods by General Leia. With the edit not being finalized, we can only say Rey’s story opens with her training being done with Leia. This has always made a lot of sense to me because if Leia had any cut lines about trusting your instincts and other fortune cookie type bits of wisdom, they could edited to make it seem as if Leia was training Rey in the film.

If the Glove of Darth Vader don’t fit, you must acquit!

Before the trailer, we heard about See-Threepio’s red eyes on Kijimi had a rather interesting connotation and twist to it. It involves a murder weapon, a dagger, and the ability to translate text on the murder weapon to move the plot further along.

A contact of the rebellion is killed and a dagger is found next to the body. The contact knows of the location of the Emperor’s planet in the unknown regions. The dagger has a mysterious inscription on it written in Sith. The problem is no one can translate it, not even See-Threepio who is fluent in over six billion forms of communication.

Our heroes take See-Threepio to Kijimi because there he can be rebooted into a state that allows them to bypass his programing that doesn’t allow him to translate Sith text. However, at first Zorii Bliss wants to capture them and turn them over to the First Order but has a change of heart. We supposedly learn that both Zorii and Poe smuggled…..and wait for it….snuggled together in the past and there was some romance there which might play into why she doesn’t follow through with turning the heroes in (and we assume the Drax guy takes the opportunity Zorii passes up).

For his protection Threepio is backed up to Artoo-Detoo. As the golden translator begins to read the message on the blade, See-Threepio’s eyes glow bright red. The Sith inscription is successfully decrypted. Something about the message points Rey to the Emperor’s Wayfinder device on the moon of Endor. Kylo is in possession of Darth Vader’s Wayfinder device. So while Kylo has Vader’s Wayfinder, Rey is racing towards Palpatine’s Wayfinder.

Sith Rey

After the business on Kijimi, Rey finds The Emperor’s Wayfinder device on the Endor moon. When she touches it she sees herself as a Sith entering the Emperor’s chambers. This allows Kylo to find her and he appears through what we believe to be the “Force Bond™” established in The Last Jedi. So the rumor we heard on this is that Rey sees her evil self when she touches the artifact and the vision is disrupted by Kylo Ren and their “Force Bond™.”

Rey’s Parents and the Sith Dagger!

Rey and Kylo have a Force confrontation.

Kylo has desperatley been searching for her. Kylo quickly turns the conversation to Rey’s parents. He tells her he never lied to her. Everything he said was true but her parents sold her to keep her safe and used the money for drinks. Rey then sees the vision Kylo saw in The Last Jedi. However, the huge reveal is that Rey’s parents are killed with the Sith dagger in her vision.

Rey becomes enraged and during the “Force Bond™” and they begin to fight on the remains of the Death Star II. So this might shine a slightly different light on how the “Flash Fights” work. But I can’t pretend to understand the rules of this with any authority.

Sith Knives Out

So there we have the rumors that lined up with what we saw in the D23 Special Look. There’s a lot of really huge moments in here if these are accurate. I wish we could verify them. Sometimes the only way to get something verified or shot down is to introduce them into the discourse for fans to discuss. The implications that a Sith conspiracy has been behind Rey’s life is rather interesting. We believe Rey is a product of Palpatine but we don’t really know exactly what that means.
There’s a lot of questions we have and we don’t have all the answers. I hope the information presented here is accurate and it lines up well with various things we have heard and now seen in official footage. I wish I could say empirically how accurate these are. So please do not shoot the messenger if these are totally on and you don’t like them or if they don’t pan out. I figure most of you spoiler junkies would rather read these than have them die in my notes, unshared.
Please respect the spoiler policy posted at the top of this article and use your head when discussing this stuff on public forums like Twitter and Facebook.

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