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New Star Wars: The Mandalorian character details on the Mando, Moff Gideon, Cara Dune, Greef Carga, and IG-11!

Fun Mando Facts!

EW has a piece about Star Wars: The Mandalorian that reminds us of many character names but also sprinkles in some fun facts about them. Everything in the fact sheet is pretty fun or interesting with the exception of the Mandalorian himself (who are just working with what they’re given). I have to say, I’m digging everything about this series.

The Mandalorian – It notes the obvious that Pedro Pascal’s a Mandalorian and he has a real name. His parents didn’t name him after the job he would one day hold. Big surprise.  They also note he likes to work alone (because obvously if he was a willing team player, it would break the Spaghetti Western vibe in my opinion).

Moff Gideon – Giancarlo Esposito’s character sounds pretty fascinating for the villain. The series shows us that the as the Empire breaks up after the fall of the Galactic Empire, the top agents of the Empire were essentially in control of private militaries and the Imperials became warlords. They note he is “ambitious.” I think I saw his personal TIE Fighter one day at the set too. So he appears to be a man of action and not an office stooge. Perhaps he’s more like Krennic than most.

Cara Dune – Gina Carano’s was a Shock Trooper (the red Stormtroopers probably made most famous from Battlefront). She apparently defected and joined the Rebel Alliance and is now a mercenary (maybe even before she joins the Rebellion).

Greef Carga – Carl Weathers is the leader of the bounty hunter guild. It says he asks the Mando to take on a gig no one wants. I have a slightly informed feeling this is going to be contrasted with a job everyone wants and we’ll see the bounty hunters acting like Ghostbusters getting a call. If the jobs don’t get personal, what’s the point, right? We still have no confirmation if the child is still at play in series.

IG-11 – Taika Waititi’s bounty hunting droid is often mistaken for IG-88 according to EW. That’s pretty funny considering how it all unfolded for the culture as we broke the story and then clarified it.

I really like the vibe of this show right now. There’s so many flavors that make up the Star Wars and I’m glad this itch is getting scratched finally. The show looks really fun and everything we’ve seen and heard seems to be about making Star Wars in the spirit of the fun it has to offer.

Disney+ is going to bring so many Star Wars stories to us in an expanded format, I think we’re going to see a new type of fan emerge that prefers the visual long form story telling over the shorter theatrical releases, just. as we had fans that preferred texts over visual since the 1990s. I think that’s really rad and it will most likely change the way Star Wars is felt and seen. With the Skywalker Saga wrapping up, that’s a really good thing in my opinion. I think it is rad we’re starting this with The Mandalorian.

Check out the full piece at EW.



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