Our Star Wars friend lost his two year old niece. How we can help.

Help a Star Wars friend in need.

Bill Beck has been part of the Star Wars fan community for a long time now. This week tragedy struck the Beck family when Bill’s brother lost his two year old daughter unexpectedly. Star Wars fans are always pretty cool about taking care of one another when they can and Bill has created a gofundme for his brother and family to cover the expenses the family is faced with at this time. I’ve seen you all do so much good for the Kessel Toy Run every December but we are needed a little right now.

From the gofundme:

My brother Dan Beck unexpectedly lost his 2 year old daughter over the weekend. When something like this happens, the last thing he should be worrying about is the expenses that come with it. Please consider helping to send he and his family as much relief as we can.

Thank you. Please share.

If you can help out even a little, I know the family will be grateful. There’s nothing worse than losing a child so if we can help them worry about one less thing right now, that would be rad. George Lucas says something to the affect that Star Wars is about selflessness and the good guys are selfless while the bad guys are selfish. While we might like the bad guys, I like to believe we’re all good people and we get the underlying message of the saga and live by it to any extent we can and right now the Beck brothers could use our help and I hope we can give it.

All our love and Force powers to the Beck family right now.

Donate to the gofundme here. 

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