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Rian Johnson’s Star Wars Trilogy steps beyond the legacy characters!

My favorite Star Wars director has a new film coming out called Knives Out. Johnson spoke to The Observer and briefly discussed his Star Wars saga that’s coming down the road. There isn’t anything very specific but there is sort of a general promise that Johnson is going to play in the Star Wars sandbox in a fun and creative way.

Johnson told The Observer:

“I think that the fun and challenging part of it is to dive in, figure out what’s exciting and then figure out what it’s going to be,” he said. “We’re doing something that steps beyond the legacy characters. What does that look like? To me, the blue sky element of it is what was most striking about it. I know the way that I’m coming at it and what’s fun about it for everyone in George Lucas’ films is figuring out, ‘what’s the next step?’ It really makes you think and figure out what the essence of Star Wars is for me and what that will look like moving forward.”

It almost feels like his story takes place after Rey, Ben, Finn, and Poe’s saga we’re currently wrapping up as an audience. Of course he could be speaking purely in intellectual property terms. One of my favorite themes and ideas from Rian’s Star Wars film is how Kylo and Rose both deal with letting the past go but holding on to what we love. It sounds like that idea is guiding Johnson’s hand to some extent here.

Star Wars fans (like myself) are nostalgia prone. It takes some bravery from the audience and the creators to move forward and not just remake what we already have. I’m looking forward to enjoying another one of Rian’s Star Wars films and with an audience that doesn’t have expectations of the characters they’ve carried around with them for decades.

As a fan I will be very happy to have four Star Wars films with Rian Johnson involved.

*Remember this article next week when YouTubers start to report it has been canceled.

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