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Rumor: Ewan McGregor returning to Star Wars as Obi-Wan Kenobi!

A rumor suggests Ewan McGregor is returning to a Lucasfilm project.

(Cinelinx is reporting the story this afternoon. Here is the article we were set to run)

I’ve always been really upfront about casting news not being my strongest area and it is a place I don’t usually like to look into that much. There’s just too many areas that are fluid and things change with casting. When I scooped Pedro Pascal was The Mando, the representation denied it to the trade sized film sites. So I want to stress the rumor side of this.

Two out of three of the sources that confirmed Pedro Pascal was the lead in the Mando last September have heard that Ewan McGregor very recently was locked in for a project at Lucasfilm and sources believe it is the Obi-Wan Kenobi series. That said, Lucasfilm is also making other Star Wars projects, Indiana Jones, and Children of Blood and Bone. 

At the time of Solo: A Star Wars Story, we were told that Ewan McGregor attended that premiere because there were plans to announce the Obi-Wan Kenobi film right after Solo’s opening. With that great film being mishandled and underperforming, the spin-offs were halted and the Kenobi film ceased to move forward is the story. It appears that because Ewan McGregor was in talks for a live action Kenobi film, it didn’t mean it becoming a live action series was a lock and they had to work things out all over again. This is the most positive and strong news about the Kenobi project I’ve heard in a while.

Yesterday Bespin Bulletin and Fantha Tracks both simultantously reported on BARKING LION PRODUCTIONS (UK) LIMITED. This seems to start to confirm the story from back in April that Star Wars productions would be made outside of Pinewood Studios and Dagenham was said to be one of the places new Star Wars projects would be executed. I learned there that The Cassian Andor series was working under the name “White Snake” at that time as well. So the question is what is Barking Lion? Is it Star Wars film, Indiana Jones, Children of Blood and Bone, or is it linked to this Obi-Wan series? It could just be a coincidence I heard about McGregor as Fantha and Bespin both uncovered this Barking Lion business.

I believe the rumor that SWNN heard that the series was going to be six episodes long was accurate as well. I also heard that the script for the film in whatever form it was in before being stopped was really strong (by Stephen Daldry I believe) and it was going to be adapted into six parts for Disney+. It was nice when SWNN heard what they heard and it backed up a lot of what I was getting about the show. However, a few months back, it didn’t sound like additional writers were on it, or adapting the script. But it doesn’t mean it wasn’t happening and since we don’t really know what was in the film, we can’t say how different the series will be from what the film would have been.

If I had to bet, there’s been so much smoke around Obi-Wan for so long now, it would seem Ewan McGregor is returning to Obi-Wan for the first time since 2005. But we need to reiterate that this is a rumor and there’s a lot of projects going on at Lucasfilm and Ewan McGregor could be in any of these as Obi-Wan or something else. That said, this is the first news that really makes me think we could be on the brink of an Obi-Wan Kenobi series.

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