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Rumor: Will we see Pedro Pascal’s face in Star Wars: The Mandalorian?

A faceless man with no name?

An interesting rumor I keep hearing about Star Wars: The Mandalorian is the question regarding Pedro Pascal’s face. Will we will see the face of our Mando hero in the new Disney+ series? By all accounts, it appears the series is taking the “mysterious hero” approach that so many felt worked well for Boba Fett during the original trilogy years.

A few sources believe we do not see the Mandalorian’s face in season one of the show. If accurate, it is a little odd to never show his face when you cast Pedro Pascal in the part. From the sources I’ve spoken to, it seems if we see Pascal’s face in the series, it is being held until some kind of secret moment (if we ever see his face).

When filming was being conducted at the exteriors location, I would see a guy playing the Mando with a CGI rig and just the leg armor pieces on that didn’t appear to be Pedro Pascal. On the last day of shooting, I saw the Mando in the full armor with his black cape and stuff and Pedro could have been in that costume (I would like to think he was) but I never saw that performer remove the mask.

It isn’t clear if Pedro Pascal is primarily the voice actor for the character or not. It is probably worth bringing up that we don’t know the character’s name yet. I think it is safe to say his birth name isn’t Mandalorian. So clearly, it seems like they’re holding off on his name and face to preserve the mystery of the character upfront and restore some of that charm that Boba Fett used to have that was lost when we explored his past Attack of the Clones. 

I’m hoping when the trailer drops on the 23rd during D23 we get some indication one way or the other that we do see his face or learn his name. When it comes to the products I’ve seen, I haven’t seen anything with his face or his name either. So with all of that in mind, I’m not expecting to see his face until the second season.

That’s a mysterious gunslinger for you.

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