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Star Wars: Resistance Season 2 Trailer Breakdown

PLUS: Announcing a NEW Podcast Series!

Star Wars: Resistance Season 2 Trailer Star Wars fans were pleasantly surprised – and subsequently SHOCKED – with the release of the Season 2 trailer for Star Wars: Resistance! The shocking part was the announcement that Season 2 will ALSO be the FINAL SEASON of the series. Join Samuel the Hutt, BB-N8, and the Bow Tie Jedi Guy as we break down the trailer, give our speculation, and discuss why we think it’s the final season. PLUS! Tatooine Sons: A Star Wars Podcast is excited to announce a NEW PODCAST SERIES called Rehashing the Resistance! Join us each Monday as we break down the latest episode as we follow Kaz, Tora, Yeager, Neeku, and the rest of the crew of The Colossus as they evade capture from the dreaded First Order on their way to connect with Poe Dameron, General Leia, and the rest of the larger Resistance!
Star Wars: Resistance Season 2 Trailer Breakdown
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