Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker D23 Poster And BTS Reel Description

UPDATE: The BTS Reel will be released publicly on Monday.

Jason is currently at D23 where he just saw the behind the scenes reel for Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker. Unfortunately, the footage won’t be released to the public but we have a description of some of the major things that were seen in the footage. First off, Star Wars did officially release another teaser poster for the film that features Rey and Kylo battling it out in front of a looming Emperor Palpatine:

So here’s where things get really interesting

•Rey is wearing an all in black robbed outfit with a double bladed red Lightsaber. Her robes are said to look very similar to Darth Maul’s.

•As we see Rey in this new look we get new dialogue from Palpatine saying “The Journey is coming to an end”.

•We see Rey dueling Kylo Ren on the Death Star Wreckage in the Ocean. Jason says it looks incredible.

•We also see super weapon like lasers hitting the surface of a planet, which could link up to a story we put out about the Sith fleet.

•Zorri Bliss is Poe Dameron’s love interest from the past.

•Rey is also wearing a rope type necklace which could confirm the festival scene that Jason reported on a few months ago.

•New John Williams music was also played during the reel.

•Leia’s theme was also played.

This all sounds pretty incredible and unexpected. I’m very curious about this whole “Evil Rey” stuff and what that could mean for the finale. Could Rey actually be a Clone? It would give the cave scene from The Last Jedi a whole new meaning.  The footage is exclusive to D23 so we won’t be seeing this footage for awhile, so for now enjoy this awesome poster!

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