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The Star Wars: The Mandalorian Trailer Is Here! Updated with 77 screenshots!

Now with 77 screenshots!

Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau just debuted the brand new trailer for Star Wars: The Mandalorian at D23!

Having been lucky enough to have discovered the set of The Mandalorian last year, it is a trip to see all of these places exist in the Star Wars universe. I am bragging but in truth I feel exceptionally lucky to have seen these places “with my own eyes.”

I had a scoop last year that Nick Nolte was playing an Ugnaught. When I look at the little dude in the trailer, it looks kind of like Nick Nolte. That’s far from a “confirmation” but it certainly seems to fit. We also had a scoop about the ship’s name and how the Mando has a carbon freezing chamber. It looks like that’s confirmed here.

We took extensive pictures of the bread shaped curt in the door at the set last year. At the time, the big mystery was why it happened and how. Seeing The Mando and IG-11 (another scoop that thankfully panned out) walk through that door was pretty rad for me to see and I’m sure if you follow this site, you know what I mean. It looked so rad and it was part of the experience of waiting for this series.

I’ve now spoken to many people on set in various ways. While this really isn’t newsworthy unto itself, everyone that worked on Dave Filoni’s episodes mentioned how calm and focused he was. I often hear fans wonder how that’s going to go and it sounds like it was went really well.


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