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Bill Burr discusses being part of The Mandalorian!

Ever since the first preview of The Mandalorian at Celebration Chicago this April people have been wondering if comedian Bill Burr was part of the cast of Star Wars’ first live action television series. After the publicly released trailer during D23 he confirmed the casting on his twitter account but didn’t offer much more information. Well, that changed today after he appeared on episode 143 of the H3 podcast. Around the 12:25 mark of the episode Bill discusses some aspects of how he was cast and the technology behind the upcoming show. Obviously he couldn’t say much but he did let a few interesting details slip.

First off, he mentioned that he was initially introduced to Jon Favreau through his friendship with Vince Vaughn who produces Bill Burr’s animated show F is for Family. When he was first offered the role Bill was nervous to accept because he didn’t consider himself much of a Star Wars fan. It was his wife, Nia, who convinced him to accept the offer.

He also brought up being scanned as reference for action figures. So if you’ve ever wanted a miniature Bill Burr hanging out on your desk then you may be in luck at some point in the future.

He made it seem like his character may only appear in one episode because he said that Rick Famuyiwa was the director while he was on set.

He briefly talked about the crazy LED screen sound stage that they used during the production of the show and mentioned that on his last day of shooting Jon Favreau brought in a rough cut of the trailer and played it for the crew on these giant two story screens.

That was pretty much the gist of what he had to say about his experience on the show except for saying that he can’t wait for people to see it and that “I think it’s going to be sick!” I. CAN’T. WAIT!

The Mandalorian is premiering in just two months on November 12th when it launches along side the Disney + service.

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