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Episode #31 – Alex Damon of Star Wars Explained

Alex shares how he keeps up with all the content, being "the Star Wars guy," the hierarchy of content and we look ahead to Episode IX to speculate responsibly

Alex Damon cohosts the Star Wars YouTube channel called Star Wars Explained with his wife Mollie featuring reviews, analysis and details on all things about the franchise. With over half a million subscribers, Alex has been able to turn Star Wars knowledge into his full-time job. He is the reigning DragonCon and Schmoedown Star Wars Trivia Champion.

On this episode, Alex shares with us how he keeps up with all the content, being “the Star Wars guy,” the hierarchy of content and speculating responsibly.

3:20 Star Wars Explained and DragonCon Trivia
5:00 Keeping up with Star Wars
8:40 Resistance and how new shows work
10:00 Getting into Star Wars at the perfect time
14:30 Star Wars can be goofy
16:30 Star Wars minute
18:00 New Canon vs Legends
20:00 Being the Star Wars guy
23:30 Star Wars beyond the Skywalkers
25:30 Content Hierarchy Pyramid
29:00 Speculating Responsibly
39:15 Great experiences
44:00 Getting Mollie involved
46:00 What are you excited about?
52:15 Ten Questions
56:30 Avoiding Spoilers
58:30 The Great Porkins Debate
61:15 Rogue One vs Solo

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