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Episode 37 – Lindsey Romain of

The outspoken contributing editor of talks the last SW trailer, Reylo and Bridging the Gender Divide

Lindsey Romain is a contributing editor for covering horror and Star Wars among other film and pop culture. Living in Austin, TX, her work has also been published in Vulture, Teen Vogue, Marie Claire, and The Chicago Tribune. She is a regular contributor to Thrillist, and /Film.

On this episode, recorded the day after the release of the Rise of Skywalker trailer, we discuss her takes on the trailer, talk about being on Team Reylo and how the sequel trilogy flips the gender divide.

3:30 initial trailer reactions
5:30 intro to star wars and what it means to her
8:30 critiquing as a star wars fan
10:45 social
13:00 safe to say you are team reylo
19:45 What are you looking forward to
25:00 Speculation
27:35 Avoiding spoilers
29:00 Trailer theories
33:20 Drawing from the non-film content
40:00 Bridging the gender divide
49:30 Ten Questions


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