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Now, This is Podcasting! Episodes 284 & 285! Plus Rise of Skywalker artistic depictions!

Better late than never! Here's some art for the delay!

Here are the latest two episodes of Now, This is Podcasting! I apologize for not being able to get them uploaded to the site in a timely fashion. I ended up traveling the last couple of days in between episodes and hotel internet is kind of a nightmare. So here are the latest episodes for those who listen via I highly suggest subscribing on whatever podcast app you use to get the episodes upon release.

We also did an artistic depiction of the final moments of Ben Solo’s life from the recent rumors we’ve been covering. I will say, the picture below is beautiful but he’s even a bit more sweaty and bruised up during the sequence. That said, it does give a really good look the vibe of when Ben and Rey face off against Palpatine before he revives himself.

Thanks again to Reddit user u/AndrewBurt120 for his stab at the sequences from our descriptions!

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