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Rumor: George Lucas contributed some “Yoda” mythology to Star Wars: The Mandalorian?

George Lucas and "Yoda" involved in Star Wars: The Mandalorian?

I would say my favorite Star Wars scoop of all time is that Nick Nolte is playing an Ugnaught. That said, this current scoop you’re reading is easily my second favorite for the weirdness of it all.

While grabbing coffee down in the area of the set recently, I ran into some people associated with the production from last year and this year. They seemed as curious about me as I was about them. That said, one of them showed me some photos from their phone of the outrageous “kit bashed” elements we’ll see in the series. Remember that Artoo unit with legs story I wrote about last year? I brought up the Kenner inspiration and they said “yeah, you have no idea” and then what they showed me was pretty amazing.

My Little Green Friend!

I then saw five or six unfinished Yoda species puppets in various states of completeness. You could see the eyes and that they were Yoda-like for sure. While I was checking it out, one of then told me George Lucas contributed story elements to the episode (I believe they said it was the sixth episode of the first season but I could be wrong). The episode will have a cast of characters that are the same species as Yoda. They seemed to also infer that the species will finally be named in the episode.

For years, it was known that dealing with Yoda’s backstory and species was off limits to. everyone. I theorize that George Lucas figured out he might as well leave his mark on a part of Yoda’s canon before someone else does. That last sentence I just wrote was conjecture in case you missed the part where I said “I theorize.”

If this scoop pans out as described to me, we should have an episode where The Mandalorian goes after a bounty that is a group or family of little green people the same species as Yoda. Based on the differences in the puppet’s technology I glimpsed, I would say they aren’t just background or featured puppet extras so to speak. It seemed like it was a serious endeavor to make these Yoda “people” screen ready.

That huge thing we don’t know about yet

Sources in the past have told me there’s a huge moment in the show that hasn’t leaked out. Is it this? Or is there still another twist? When they told me big moment existed, I just assumed it was Boba Fett. But maybe it is Yoda’s species, planet, and name? Did that species get treated really badly during Palpatine’s first reign as Emperor? Are they endangered? Is Yoda the father? Is Yaddle the mother? Can a force ghost owe child support payments on Tatooine? These are just a few of the questions I’ve had on my mind since learning about this moment in Star Wars: The Mandalorian.

MakingStarWars Exclusive Set Update and Photos!

Here are some interesting recent phots Luke Danger took showing elements of a TIE Fighter cockpit, AT-ST head, AT-AT foot and vaporators. The blue screens are going up. The hardened lava is also going onto of the buildings meaning the dark dingy planet from Season 1 is in Season 2 for sure.  We also have seen a lot of the elements of tree planet as well.

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