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Early November Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2 set photos!

Interesting developments on the Star Wars set!

I visited the location of Star Wars: The Mandalorian’s season two location today. The sets have progressed a lot this week. We’re starting to see details added to bindings that really give the location a Mos Eisley vibe, compared to the season one Tatooine cantina courtyard anyway.

I saw what I think is likely a TIE Fighter without wings under a black tarp. The AT-AT foot has been removed. The raider AT-ST is also gone.

The sets may be midway through completion but there’s clear signs of Tatooine architecture with wood integration. Is the wood walkway around the main building something unfinished? It looks too intricate to be scaffolding. So this could’ve a new place. You’ll notice a photo of the roof I took has some kind of wooden structure popping out as well.

I also snapped a photo of the set street building panels that shows how modular the set pieces are. There’s evidence for Tatooine, the grey planet with black lava we’ve seen in the trailers, as well as brambles and wooden elements associated with the tree type lake house we saw our hero meet Julia Jones’ character in the trailer.

The main building on Tatooine is looking nearly finished. The metal poles sticking out  of the roof might be to secure technical things like space air conditioners.

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