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Episode 38 – Todd Hoffman of WSTR Media

Todd talks Special Editions, the Disney/LFL union, the 501st and Star Wars tats

Todd Hoffman is one of the co-hosts of WSTRMedia, Galactic Public Access Radio as well as a 501st member.

3:15 – when did you get into SW?
6:45 – disney star wars union and the evolution of the fandom
13:45 – special editions
16:15 – the dark times
20:45 – Prequels
30:30 – @BTBDdavid question – Thoughts on Maul in Solo and Rebels?
36:45 – Mandalorian and future Star Wars
41:00 – 10 questions part 1
45:15 – 501st and tats
53:40 – 10 questions part 2


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