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Episode 39 – Dominic Pace from The Mandalorian

Blue-collar actor, living the dream

Dominic Pace is living the dream. Star Wars inspired him to become an actor and today he makes his debut as a side character in the universe playing Gekko the bounty hunter in the Disney+ series, The Mandalorian.

With over 100 acting credits to his name, Dominic is a self-described blue-collar actor. He’s been in television crime dramas and motion pictures and always happy to be a part of the productions. He is using his turn on the Star Wars live action television show to bring joy to fans and support to charities.

815 – Getting into the Mandalorian
1300 – Gekko’s backstory
1445 – First day on the set
1615 – Typecast
2000 – George Lucas on the set
2130 – Angry fans
2400 – Star Wars as a generation bridge
2630 – Stories from the set
2900 – Charity work
3015 – Collections
3230 – Celebration and cons


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