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Episode 41 – Marshall Julius, Vintage Geek

Humorist, film critic and author of Vintage Geek, Marshall Julius plays trivia, talks about the Prequels and Mork and Mindy

Marshall Julius is an author, film critic, social media expert and professional nerd.

230 – Welcome
4:00 – About Vintage Geek
6:00 – Social Media and the Star Wars orbit
8:30 – Accessibility of Star Wars
11:00 – The Disney Era
13:45 – Marvel
16:00 – What needs to be there to keep it Star Wars?
19:45 – Star Wars is ruined?21:45 – TLJ as a film critic
30:00 – Hopes and Expectations in Episode IX and thoughts on Solo and Rogue One
Mork and mindy
35:00 – Trivia
45:30 – 10 questions

Vintage Geek by Marshall Julius via @amazon

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