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MakingStarWars.net Video: The End TV Spot confirms a ton of spoilers! And some thoughts in the text.

Also my thoughts on doubters being jerks.

SPOILERS! Make sure you do not openly discuss these spoilers openly on social media and ruin the movie for anyone!

A new TV spot for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was released which confirmed a lot of scoops I’ve ran over the last year. In my newest video, I show a few of the clips and connect them back to scoops I have had in the past year. The contents of these spoilers have been often challenging because of the peculiar nature of the Force used in these pieces.

I’m not making the video to brag or boast but to show that the stories are panning out and the work wasn’t fiction or for nothing. If you have followed MakingStarWars.net in the past or are new to my work, I hope enjoy the video and seeing the connection between word of mouth to visual actualization on screen. Also of note is that the Celebrity Stormtrooper article and video appears to be panning out as well which further proves the authenticity of the reporting for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. 

Some fans or fan communities passionately want certain things to happen in certain ways on screen. I’m just the messenger. Some of these fans are more than willing to shoot the messenger in their temper tantrums. While I do have empathy and hope everyone gets what they want in the end, I can only report what the sources tell me and then offer my analysis. While everyone gets things wrong or reports on things incorrectly, I generally not move forward with a story unless I have reason to do so and have some harbor a deep belief behind the reporting, unless otherwise noted.

I have often become impatient with such petulance. I should have just ignored those people. I’m like Marty McFly being called chicken when my honesty is brought into question. This whole endeavor would be so much more profitable if I were a little less me and little more Mike Zeroh. It can be difficult when I’ve empirically seen things some random person on the internet says I made up. I’m human. I’m not better than anyone, but I do work hard, and seeing a very loud person attempt to discredit the work I do so I can bring discussion to the Star Wars community that’s relevant and fun is maddening at times. Even more maddening is when basic sarcasm is lost on such blowhards.

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