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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and The Evil Red Road to Exegol!

We're on a road to no where! Good, that is.

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Today a new TV spot called “Celebration” hit the internet. Everyone has asking me about a particular shot in the TV spot. I have the answer to shot and the context. I’m releasing this story because if we get a lot of donations to the Kessel Toy Run, I have a really cool Rey scoop involving Rey, Luke Skywalker and General Leia Organa from The Rise of Skywalker! So make sure you donate to the cause and bring some Star Wars toys to hospitalized children this holiday season!

Once again:

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The shot in question:

From this TV spot:



The Red Road

What is that red stuff? In case you haven’t noticed, the bad guys in Star Wars really like red. Palaptine’s office was red. His lightsabers were red. His guards were red. His Stormtroopers are white. Just kidding. His Stormtroopers are red now. His space freeway is also red too. That’s right, the way to get to Exegol is via this specific secret hyperspace lane.

The red cloud, mist or visual space vapor colors the path of that evil road.  If you speculated it was the road to Darth Sidious, you would be correct. It is like Dorthy’s yellow brick road if she was in space and a bit more evil. It is the origin of the hyperspace lane to Exegol. It makes me think it starts off red and then lets up on the red factor once you’re on your way.

Kylo’s Road

Early in The Rise of Skywalker, Kylo Ren is losing the confidence of his top commanders like General Hux and Pryde. But he is determined to find the secrets Snoke had hidden in the outer reaches even if his top brass think they’re on a “fools errand” instead of doing other evil things. The evil dudes eventually come to that red spot.  I think Kylo goes alone at first, but that is unconfirmed conjecture. It is after these moments that Kylo lands on Exegol, walks under the giant cube, and finds an old man in his bed claiming to be Darth Sidious. The First Order jumps to hyperspace and is then reunited with the long lost Emperor of The Galactic Empire.

Rey’s Road

After Rey and the gang delve into the mysteries of the Sith dagger and Ochi, they are able to tell the Resistance how to get to the same location once they get to Endor, Rey finds the Wayfinder in Death Star’s graveyard and has that evil vision of herself. It was worth it for Rey because that information and that lane is what allows Finn and Jannah to head out on their “suicide mission” to stop The First Order from ever being able to abduct children and indoctrinate them into their brand fascism that rips families and the galaxy apart. It also is how Rey is reunited with her long lost grandfather…

There you have it. The red area is the origin of the Hyperspace lane to Exegol in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

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