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The Kessel Toy Run 2019 is here! Donate Star Wars Toys to Hospitalized children and their siblings!

Help us bring Star Wars joy to kids who need it the most this Holiday season!

The first year Brandon and I launched the Kessel Toy Run, Star Wars fans donated over 800 Star Wars toys for hospitalized children. The second we nearly doubled it with over 1500. This year, we have a shorter amount of time to work with but I think we can crack 2000 toys for hospitalized children and their siblings. We’ve grown a lot since the first year and We’re a 501c3 charitable organization that has been featured in Star Wars Insider!

We invite everyone to share these flyers on their social media and for any podcast, YouTube channel, or website to share and help us raise toys for hospitalized children and their siblings.

The Amazon Wish List  

Every year, fans donate toys online for hospitalized children. We collect the collect the toys and then have them delivered to the hospital and distributed by costumed Star Wars characters (The Saber Guild Temple Prime) to the hospitalized children and their siblings. The children are able to bond over Star Wars and enjoy the escapist fun when it matters the most. We’ve heard from the families and have been told that they think this experience meant a lot to the recovery of their child and that Star Wars fans are heroes (that’s you).

This year, The Kessel Toy Run is back and it is an opportunity to share our love of Star Wars and do something really special for some little fans that could use our help, so let’s do it again! Unopened Star Wars toys will be given to children in the age range of 1-12 years old. We have an Amazon Wish List to make the process easier or you can send an unopened Star Wars toy to the address on our flyer.

This year we hope to raise even more than last year. We realize all of our Star Wars friends and donators come from various walks of life and some of us have a lot, and some of us, not so much. Every kid loves a really rad Star Wars toy, however, some kids could just use a Star Wars coloring book or a Star Wars children’s book to help them escape into their imaginations for a little bit of Star Wars fun. In this situation, no Star Wars toy is too big or too small. Do what you can even if its just helping us spread the word!

I hope all the voices in the Star Wars community will help us push this endeavor forward because this means more than most things we do every day in our fandom. Please share the images of these fliers below on your social media, on the work/office bulletin board, and with your friends and family.

The Amazon Wish List


About The Kessel Toy Run

We started The Kessel Toy Run when one of my oldest buddies, Brandon wanted to do something Star Wars related for the hospitalized children he takes care of as an Pediatrics Emergency Room RN. Brandon is a real life Jedi for doing the job he does. In the past, MSW raised large amounts of money by teaming up with ticket retailers to sell tickets to Star Wars films where a percentage was then donated on our behalf. However, the retailers got a bit tighter with the proceeds every year and we were left wanting to do something good with our love of Star Wars. Brandon and I discussed it and decided to merge our efforts into what became last year’s first The Kessel Toy Run. Like Han Solo, it allows us selfish people to turn the ship around, save the day, and use that heart of gold we all have underneath.

Then out of nowhere, like Luke Skywalker in Return of the Jedi coming into the rebel briefing room, Sal Perales was like ‘General, count me in.” We now had the endorsement of The Rogue Rebels and Saber Guild Temple Prime. That meant the kids would get to meet their Star Wars heroes, have a Star Wars holiday season, and have fun like kids are supposed to do. Sal and his family are always getting up at 5am to put on their Star Wars costumes and visit hospitals and orphanages. We’re proud of the work they do with Saber Guild Temple Prime and we’re lucky to have their help on this endeavor!

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