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Watch Disney+ now with this region lock workaround for Android/Xbox One users!

Disney+ quietly launched in the Netherlands and this method is working at present.

No Disney+ In Your Region?

I pretty much hear the groans daily from users region locked out of watching Star Wars: The Mandalorian because Disney+ is not launching in their area on November 12th. I cannot for the life of me figure out why the launch is being held back in countries outside the United States other than anxieties over internet infrastructure issues. All this does is encourage piracy and pilfering (We are pirates! We don’t even know what that means!). There may be a way to morally resist that inane policy without sacrificing your morals and integrity and still pay Disney+ for their work. Disney+ has quietly launched in the Netherlands so this may work for you.

Android users are going to need to setup a U.S. PayPal account. Also set yourself up with a Gmail account in the Netherlands if you’re doing it on an Android device (but not if you’re using an Xbox). Only get yourself a new Gmail account from the Netherlands if you don’t have an Xbox (and don’t worry as Google Chrome will even translate it into English for you).

U.S. Residents that cannot wait can do this now too if they wish. I’m probably going to wait as I get Disney+ free with my Verizon plan and I own all the Star Wars content. That said, it appears everything Star Wars: The Force Awakens onward is HDR10 while everything before that is not.

The Video:

Xbox One

On an Xbox One, there’s no VPN needed but  you will need to change your location on the system settings to Netherlands and restart. Download the Disney+ app.

  1. Log into your Xbox One.
  2. Open the guide by pressing the Xbox button on your controller.
  3. Setting>All Settings> System>Language & Location.
  4. Select the location which in this instance will be the Netherlands.
  5. Download the Disney+ app and register.
  6. Watch Star Wars!



  1. Have a VPN (any free one on the PlayStore will do, Pupa VPN on Android worked for my friend).
  2. Make a Von Gmail account (Netherlands Gmail).
  3. Set up a US PayPal account as this is what you will use to subscribe and pay for Disney+.
  4. Download Disney+ and register paying with Paypal.
  5. Watch Star Wars.

A Patreon supporter of mine has used this method on other services before and for Disney+. This friend also successfully registered and signed up for Disney+ already using this method. I cannot guarantee it will work but it really seems likely at the moment as my friend is watching Star Wars content right now on it. Since at present the app is not geolocked on Android and Xbox One so you might be good to use this method and hopefully when they do geolock it, if ever, Disney+ will have launched in your territory by then. Please don’t get angry with me if this doesn’t work for you, but I’m trying to help you see The Mandalorian with us on time this week!

I fear that this article may make some of you less tech savvy readers require assistance. I won’t be able to offer tech support on social media for this. But if you do need help, ask for it in the thread on social in which this story was posted and hopefully you fans can help other fans who need help and I’ll monitor it and update this article to make it easier if I failed to convey the process clearly.

The Mandalorian is almost here! November 12th is approaching!

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