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Episode 42: Mark Newbold from FanthaTracks and SW Insider

The editor-in-chief of Fantha Tracks talks Anthony Daniels, SW Storytelling and Star Wars as a genre

Mark Newbold has been running websites since 1994. He is Editor-in-Chief of and is a frequent writer for print and online magazines including Star Wars Insider, Build The Millennium Falcon, Starburst and Star Trek The Official Magazine.

On this episode of Around the Galaxy we dig into the evolution of the Star Wars fandom, the Mandalorian, what makes something “Star Wars” and why did the stormtroopers take such bad aim at our heroes.

3:45 interviewing Anthony Daniels
6:30 embarrassment of SW riches
10:30 the future of SW storytelling
14:00 Mando – gaming vibe
18:30 Keeping up with Canon
22:30 How has the fandom evolved?
28:00 Star Wars through the eras
34:15 What makes a story a Star Wars story?
38:30 Vader in Rogue One vs. Baby Yoda
41:00 evolution of story telling and the “Star Wars genre”
45:00 Tempered excitement
50:00 Feige and Marvel influence
55:00 SW Magic – right place right time
56:30 10 Questions

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