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Episode 46 – Discussing the Social Media Response to The Rise of Skywalker

Pete Fletzer and Andy (from Holochronicles) talk about the fan response and try to understand "a certain point of view" on Episode IX

Andy LeMiere is half of the Holocronicles podcast, a show that features conversation about Star Wars collectibles while taking on the topics of the day related to the franchise.

Pete and Andy spent 90 minutes looking at the difficult conversations that are happening in social media around the Rise of Skywalker. They looked into where some of the big “gripes” come from and tried to bring an understanding to them. Join them as they look at the #WheresRose controversy, Palpatine’s backstory and the Reylo payoff. They discuss what the end of the movie means to the Leia legacy and the proclamation of Rey as a Palpatine taking the Skywalker name.

4:15 How are you are responding to TROS?
6:30 Twitter as place to have the conversation
9:15 Disclaimer – my experience is not your experience
11:45 What’s driving the conversation
14:30 Some people have lost interest in Star Wars
18:00 Where’s Rose?
31:00 Don’t try to change minds on twitter, try to open them
31:00 The (other) kiss
38:45 Finn’s Secret
43:45 Palpatine’s Backstory
49:45 The Final Scene – what it means for Leia
54:30 Rey’s proclamation of being a Skywalker
64:30 The big one: The Death of Ben Solo / Kylo Ren
76:40 Reylo payoff
88:45 Does Episode IX ruin the star Wars experience?

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