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Exclusive: How Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker answers the final mystery of Snoke!

Attack of the Snokes!


A new beginning

Sometime ago, I reported on the original opening of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. That information was correct at the time I reported it. However, that sequence has now been moved to the Ahch-To sequence with Luke Skywalker. It is in that sequence that we see the flashback with young Luke and Leia on Endor in the final cut.

The film now opens with Kylo Ren landing on Exegol.

Attack of the Snokes

Kylo Ren lands on Exegol and he walks across the stormy plane of the dead world. He passes a giant floating cube about thirty feet in the air. This place is weird. The evil son of Solo then takes a lift down. But this is where things go from weird to insane. I mean really insane. As Kylo explores the area he encounters these small creatures that are tending to the capsules or barrels called The Relics.

Inside these barrels, Kylo sees the body of former Supreme Leader Snoke. However, he was killed and disposed of. These are all clones. I’m told the explicit implication is Snoke has always been a clone. There are too many barrels full of Snoke clones to count. I think it is safe to say that Kylo Ren has a bad feeling about this.

New boss same as the old boss

Kylo then comes upon an old man in a bed. The old man claims to be Darth Sidious. Kylo doesn’t believe him and ignites his sabers and puts it to this throat and the old man laughs at him. The old man looks up and reveals the Sith fleet that waits for him above the planet.

A convinced Kylo Ren listens to the Sith Lord and Darth Sidious orders Kylo Ren to kill Rey. That is his first and only mission. Kylo asks what is so special about Rey and Palpatine says he will find out all too soon. Later in the film when Kylo does find Rey, Kylo tells Rey that Darth Sidious ordered him to kill her but he’s to not going to do it. This is proof there’s still good in him.

This changes everything

There you have it, Snoke was a clone. It implies a lot of things and I don’t claim to know what it means but I know this changes how we’re going to experience the post Return of the Jedi era in books, comics, and video games in the future. Snoke was a puppet of Palpatine, a proxy.

Was Palpatine controlling The First Order since Snoke became Supreme Leader?

Is Snoke all messed up because he’s a vessel for Palpatine?

When you combine this Snoke information with the Ochi content, we see that Palpatine was behind all of it.

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