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The Jannah Connection in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker!

A big reveal explained!


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Jannah in the mix

In Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, there has been murky detail regarding Jannah’s introduction and how she fits into the storyline. I have to admit that a lot of it sounds insanely convenient. But it also plays more in the spirit of fun. However, Jannah is introduced late in the film. 

On Pasaana, the heroes encounter Lando Calrissian. He refuses to join the Resistance fight when asked by Chewbacca’s new friends. He points the heroes towards Ochi’s ship. While we once thought that Lando and Luke Skywalker were looking for Ochi’s dagger, it has been  clarified for me and it turns out that they were actually searching for the Wayfinder to Exegol. As the heroes are leaving, Lando comments that the First Order took his daughter and she’s a Stormtrooper now for all he knows. This affects Finn. 

Jannah finds the gang

After the hijinks on Pasaana, with the dagger in hand, Rey and her crew go to “Kef Bir”, the Forest Moon of Endor.  Jannah is on the planet’s surface and she sees their ship fly over head. She knows that whoever it is, they’re going to need her help and she takes the orbaks with her to assist the travelers. 

Jannah ends up telling the crew that she was abducted by First Order invaders as a child. However, she managed to escape. Realizing that the wayfinder will allow the Resistance to stop the First Order once and for all, Jannah joins the fight. 

Finn and Jannah ride the orbaks into battle above Exegol. While everyone else dies  on their journey to destroy the reactor of Pryde’s flag ship, the pair manages to destroy the ship,  as it falls, Lando Calrissian and Nien Nunb arrive in the Falcon to rescuse the survivors, interupting the suicide mission, saving Finn and Jannah.

After the destruction of the First Order, a conversation between the Falcon’s crew unfolds about where to go next.  It is decided to go home. Lando asks where home is, and Jannah s gives the sector. Lando realizes that it is his sector too. 

A reveal for fun

From what I have been told, the reveal that Jannah is Lando’s daughter is similar to Han Solo’s realization that Luke is Leia’s brother in Return of the Jedi. It plays like a comedic and happy “ah ha” moment, and is very brisk. 

In the film, Lando comments that his daughter was taken. A short time later that daughter finds the heroes on Kef Bir/Endor.  The way that it plays out is quick and not heavy. I’m told it doesn’t feel heavy handed and that it generally works in the film, because it is not a major emotional component of the core film itself, but a fine aside that has a fun payoff. 


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