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What does Palpatine think of Snoke in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker?

Is Darth Sidious' return explained?


The video

The Snoke’s on you!

I revealed this week that Snoke is in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. There were clones of Snoke in vats with little people called “The Relics” on the dead hidden world of Exegol. You should check out the full report if you have not yet done so as it explains it all and asks some questions answered in this article. The one question that cannot be answered is how Darth Sidious has come back from the dead after Return of the Jedi and his connection to Supreme Leader Snoke. 

The cut explanation

At one point during production, there was a scene in the Resistance command room with Connix, Rose Tico, General Leia, and a few more background characters. A conversation unfolded in which the freedom fighters discussed the dark magic at play to bring Darth Sidious back. General Leia tells the freedom fighters that this is nothing new, the Sith have hidden in the shadows for a thousand years. General Leia explains to her staff that everything that has transpired was because of the Sith. 

My sources have said that sequence was as in depth of an explanation that has ever existed. Essentially, in their estimation, J.J. Abrams doesn’t really care how Palaptine has returned, just that he has and the heroes have to deal with that horror. The film apparently leaves the answer to that question in the shadows where the Sith are. 

I am the senate!

When Kylo Ren meets Darth Sidious on Exegol, he doubts the old frail man’s power and that he’s actually Darth Sidious at all. Darth Sidious laughs in the face of the Darth Vader wannabe. Kylo is conflicted and annoyed with Darth Sidious but he’s shaken by having seen that Snoke is a clone and hears the old man out. At one point during their conversation on Exegol, Kylo mentions Supreme Leader Snoke outright. The smile on Darth Sidious’ face falls and he makes a rather bold proclamation. 

“I am Snoke!” 

Of course the guy who proclaimed “I am the senate!” would also proclaim he’s Snoke because he’s speaking metaphorically. Before we get too crazy, I went digging for clarification on this line of dialogue just to be sure. Sources across the board who would comment on the line believe it is said metaphorically. Darth Sidious is behind Snoke, as Snoke was his puppet creation. 

The film will likely not answer the question about how Darth Sidious survived according to my sources. It will imply he controlled Supreme Leader Snoke, but not that Snoke is actually an avatar of Palptine himself. A sequence we are not even sure was filmed, attempted to explain it, but we do not believe that scene is in the final cut of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


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