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Zorii Bliss and Poe Dameron’s complicated relationship in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker!

and more Kijimi happenings!


In Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Zorii Bliss and the world of Kijimi has been something that we have been covering since back when I first heard about what Keri Russell’s character would look like. For a time, we thought maybe Ochi’s ship was Zorii’s, but that was off and it thankfully lead to the discovery of who Ochi was. Zorii has been a little overlooked since so many heavy details had been hitting over other parts of the film. Some of this info has been reported my me or Jedi Paxis on Star Wars Leaks but there’s also some new connective tissue here which is why this report exists. 

The Video

Token Hero

Zorii Bliss has a token. That token will let her travel through First Order space without any trouble. As a mercenary or smuggler it is rather valuable to her. It seems like Bliss  had been working to get that token for a while, and it is very special to her. What she had to do to obtain it leaves her laying low on Kijimi when the heroes arrive. 

At one point on Kijimi, Finn starts to connect the dots about Poe’s past. Finn notes that he knows how to hotwire speeders. Now Poe knows how to get in contact with droidsmiths that can reset droids to read forbidden languages. Poe admits to having been a smuggler in the underworld in another life. 

Kijimi Reunion

While Zorii will start off as an adversary willing to sell them over to the First Order, that spat doesn’t last for long. We learn that Poe Dameron skipped town on Zorii some time ago and ended their love affair rather callously. It seems as if she was pretty broken hearted about it and not exactly happy to see Poe Dameron walking back into her life, and she asks him why he came back. At one point, she suggests to Poe that they take the token and run away together, but he can’t leave his cause, and that surprises Zorii showing her that Poe has indeed grown as a person.  

After See-Threepio is reset by Babu Frik, Zorii gives her token to Poe so that his crew can finish their mission and evade the First Order. Later in the final battle, Zorri arrives to help during the key moment where we see that Poe’s crew will be the spark that might take down the First Order once and for all. In the final celebration, Poe goes in for a kiss with Zorri but she dodges the kiss and the friend’s laugh. 

Character Work on Kijimi

One last note, I’m told as they exit Kijimi, See-Threepio is elated by life and now everything he sees is new and wonderful. At one point they’re in a laser fight with Stormtroopers and See-Threepio is commenting on how he’s never been in a gun fight and it is all so very exciting! The level of character work on The Rise of Skywalker is pretty impressive. 

I have only heard really good things about this part of the film. As I’ve said before, everyone I’ve spoken to says the Threepio stuff is so emotional and solid and then it pays off with a lot of fun moments that make it worth it. I can’t wait to see The Rise of Skywalker.


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