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Episode 48 – Mark Newbold & Marshall Julius

Two UK writers discuss The Rise of Skywalker, the manufactured blockbuster and the pros & cons of fan service

Mark Newbold has been running websites since 1994. He is Editor-in-Chief of and is a frequent writer for print and online magazines including Star Wars Insider, Build The Millennium Falcon, Starburst and Star Trek The Official Magazine.

A veteran nerd with unbound enthusiasm for everything you love, Marshall Julius is a film critic, blogger, broadcaster, quizmaster and collector of colourful plastic things. Though his lifestyle appears sedentary, actually he’s wildly active on Twitter.

5:00 – What was your take on TROS?
12:00 – impact on the previous 8
20:00 – Planning a series?
23:45 – Mandalorian fan service?
33:15 – The manufactured blockbuster
35:45 – Walking away from the EU
40:30- Do we need a united fanbase?
53:00 – The Phantom Menace
62:00 – Film creation process

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