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Exclusive Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2 update! Nevarro or Mustafar? Or something else? Pics and video!

It's time for a Mando Season 2 set update!

Down at the set of Star Wars: The Mandalorian season two sets continue to go up and then go down. Right now it seems as if most are coming down. It isn’t clear if we’re nearing the end of location filming or if there’s going to be a reset and more building to come. Most of the modular set pieces for Nevarro are still around. The AT-ST is gone but the TIE Fighter from Season 1’s ending is back out there.

There’s been a lot of smoldering remains lately. I was able to capture some photos of the location. It could just be a part of Nevarro. But I do wonder if it could have a link to Mustafar, especially after what we saw in The Rise of Skywalker with trees around Darth Vader’s castle at the start of the film when Kylo Ren recovers the first Sith Wayfinder.

From the tracking I’ve done of the set so far, it does appear as if most of the planets from the first season are back in some way. It looks as if the Tatooine is likely back for sure and the buildings there appeared to be more just like the ones from the Biggs cut scenes from A New Hope. I’m hoping Tatooine plays a part in season two beyond a what we had in season one which was essentially a fun side adventure.

To be clear, I am asking if Mustafar could be in season based on the amount of smoldering trees we have seen so far. It is conjecture on my part that Mustafar could be in the season. That said, we never saw these kinds of materials from season 1 for Nevarro, Arvala-7, or Sorgan. That said, there’s a chance what’s left of the Empire started to trace the Mando’s steps and went back to Sorgan and burned that village. That village appears to be back or they just had all of that stuff from that world in storage containers and had to take it out for logistical reasons.

I cannot wait for more stories from The Mandalorian to hit on Disney+. On a side note, Jon Kasdan showed a photo of a Willow cap which seems to confirm that a Willow series is coming to Disney+ as well. With the information about the future of Star Wars released this week, it looks like Lucasfilm fans have a lot to be happy about!

Here’s a gallery of photos from season 2 and some I have released before that might be of interest.

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