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Episode 52 – HelloGreedo talks his new book, the evolution of fandom and what’s next

On this episode of Around the Galaxy we are pleased to speaking to YouTuber and author, HelloGreedo. Join us, as we talk about his new book, “Sorry About the Mess,” the evolution of Star Wars fandom and where does the Saga go from here.

So, strap yourselves in, relax and enjoy this journey AROUND THE GALAXY

4:15 – Origins of Hello Greedo
6:00 – Whats changed in SW Social since you started?
8:15 – Original SW memories
9:00 – Special Editions
10:45 – Prequels
11:30 – Where did HelloGreedo come from?
12:15 – Sorry about the Mess – His book!
13:30 – Star Wars Fandom is positive
15:30 – Meeting followers and SW Celebration
19:00 – Trooping with the 501st
20:30 – Sequel Trilogy reaction
22:45 – What does Star Wars need to have?
31:00 – Star Wars collecting and other ways it plays out in your “real life”
33:45 – What would you like to see from Star Wars?
36:30 – Clone Wars
38:00 – First experiences
40:30 – Hopes for Disney+
46:30 – Ten Questions

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