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Indiana Jones 5: Spielberg will not direct Indy 5? Mangold in talks to direct?

Ford is still on!

Today Variety is reporting that Indiana Jones 5 will not be directed by Steven Spielberg. Just about a week ago, Harrison Ford dropped that he would be returning to the role in about “two months.” That was pretty surprising to me as recently the word was getting Spielberg on the schedule was difficult. In my mind, I never considered they would do it without Spielberg. But it all makes a bit more sense now. Hopefully if that start date of about two months is still accurate, the process to bring Mangold on to direct is further along than it seems unless the new director is going to be playing with a lot of work Spielberg laid out before deciding to pass on the film.

Variety writes:

Spielberg will remain as a hands-on producer on “Indy 5.” According to a source close to the filmmaker, the decision to leave the director’s chair was entirely Spielberg’s, in a desire to pass along Indy’s whip to a new generation to bring their perspective to the story.

Harrison Ford signed a deal to star in five Indiana Jones films back before Raiders of the Lost Ark. So it was always pretty clear he would be involved or they would likely be paying for Harrison Ford without using him. An Indy film without Spielberg and Ford was always inevitable and maybe this is best for the franchise in the sense that we will have Ford with a new director to help ease the fans into the new era of Indy without Harrison Ford and Spielberg eventually.

It is a huge bummer Spielberg won’t be on the film. Hopefully he takes Star Wars on instead. But like always, I grew up in a world of three Indy films and three Star Wars films. Everything else is just a huge bonus for me. So I’m totally onboard with this.

I’m interested to see what Mangold does with Indy if it works out. I don’t really have a dream director lined up in my mind so I’m pretty open to the possibilities. I just hope it feels like a new Indy story and isn’t a director living out their fantasy of directing the familiar. I wish the next director the Indy series the best of luck!

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