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Indy 5! Harrison Ford says he’s returning to Indiana Jones in about 2 months!

Indiana Jones 5 news!

There’s some interesting Indiana Jones news coming out of an interview Harrison Ford did with CBS News. The full interview will air this Sunday. Short of an official announcement, this seems to be about as good as it gets. I’m surprised it was left out of the Disney earnings call in the most general of ways.

CBS News asks Ford about the challenge of returning to a role after sometime. He comments and says trying not to look ridiculous in tight pants is the hard part. But then he drops this bomb:

I’m going to start doing Indiana Jones in about two months.

Unless Ford misspoke which is really hard to fathom here, it seems like Indiana Jones is going to be filming or at least doing costume fittings and pre-production work really soon. That’s pretty surprising and I hope it is as it seems in this piece because I love Indiana Jones and I’m dying for more.

I try and follow Indiana Jones as much as I can. I know Jon Kasdan worked on it and then Dan Fogelman. Last I heard David Koepp was likely to be the final writer on the 5th film but we really can’t say for certain. I’m hoping all of these scripts were built upon one another to give us a really great Indiana Jones film. Hopefully we get more news officially about the production and maybe even the title or premise soon.

I’m kind of the outlier in that I think Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is not the best of the Indy films but not because of monkeys or aliens but because of the shit-eating grins on Marion faces and the waterfall sequence at the end that’s funny unto itself but breaks the pace of the film entirely. As I always say, I hope this Indiana Jones offering acknowledges Ford’s age and gives us more of the dude in the white tux, the playboy, than the dude in the South American jungles. That said, I think The Last Crusade is the best, so you probably don’t care what I think anyhow. 

Please be accurate. Please be accurate. Please be accurate.

(via CBS News)

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