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Proposed Star Wars: The Clone Wars arc would have focused on Mother Talzin’s backstory!

Goodson remembers The Clone Wars!

Voice actor Barbara Dale Goodson dropped a few details on a proposed arc of Star Wars: The Clone Wars that was never produced but was in the realm of possible episodes Lucasfilm would produce had the series continued. Goodson said that Dave Filoni told her he an idea about the backstory for Mother Talzin which he planned to pitch to George Lucas. Most likely this story would have been a concept for an episode after the season 7 content hitting Disney+ this month.

Goodson told Corey Van Dyke of MSW/Kessel Run Transmissions:

I was told that there would be maybe be a backstory by (Dave) Filoni. He (Filoni) said “I’m thinking about this backstory for Mother Talzin from the past. I’m gonna run it by George.” I was like “Yes! Yes!” But then they sold it to Disney and bye bye Talzin!

It is unknown how far the idea Talzin’s backstory got at that time or if Dave Filoni ever pitched it to George Lucas. In the Darth Plagueis novel from around that time it was inferred that she could be a problem for Darth Sidious. After the show was canceled, one of the last Dark Horse Star Wars comics Son of Dathomir hinted at some of this story. In the third issue, Talzin reveals that Sidious betrayed her and that Maul is in fact her son.

It isn’t immediately clear if we would have got more than what Son of Dathomir offered. As Talzin states in the issue:

Long ago, Sidious came to me on Dathomir. We exchanged secret wisdom–mingled Dark Side abilities with Nightsister magicks.

He promised to make me his right hand, but instead he stole what was most dear to me… My own flesh and blood. My son!

It should be noted that voice actor Barbara Goodson was already familiar with the unproduced Son of Dathomir content and was familiar with the arc but still believed the backstory episode was on the table. Perhaps had The Clone Wars continued onward, we would have been introduced to her “affair” with Palpatine that was hinted at in the story and we would have seen a young Palpatine and Talzin.

On February 20th, Kessel Run Transmission will be celebrating the final season of The Clone Wars with #CloneWarsFarewell on Twitter sharing memories of the show. Later that night they will be debuting a video of fans, cast, and crew of the series talking about what the series. In that video, Goodson discusses the unproduced arc, so check it out. I suggest checking it out as the content I’ve seen from it is really intriguing for fans of the my favorite Star Wars animated series.

Check out the Squad 99 trailer that just hit as well:

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