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Baby Yoda sized tidbits about Michael Biehn’s character in season two of Star Wars: The Mandalorian!

Plus some more Mando news!

A can of Biehns!

Upfront, there were a few minor details I left out of my story about Michael Biehn from earlier in the week. Biehn is playing a bounty hunter from The Mandalorian’s past. These threads are really loose and open which is why I didn’t include them initially, as I was hoping for more details to emerge first. However, since we’re all bored in our self imposed quarantine, here’s something Baby Yoda sized details.

I’ve heard that Biehn’s bounty hunter character had his costume inspired by his character in Tombstone, Johhny Ringo. I wonder if it is accented in red? The second is Biehn’s character supposedly has a lot of lines that riff on things Biehn has said in his past iconic roles like Aliens, Terminator, Navy Seals, and Tombstone. If you’re an 80’s action movie fan, there’s going to be something you might recognize.

Filoni and Rodriguez!

In related news, Borys Kit at THR reported:

Executive producer Dave Filoni directed Biehn on the show, while others who sources say have worked on the now-wrapped season include filmmaker Robert Rodriguez.

With that, we now know Biehn is playing a bounty hunter from Din Djarin‘s past, his costumed was inspired by his role in Tombstone, his character quotes a few lines from Biehn’s most iconic roles, and Dave Filoni directed Biehn in the episode.

It is pretty cool to see Robert Rodriguez confirmed, as originally reported by HN. Rodriguez is an amazing action director and I’m really happy to hear that he’s going to direct some of The Mandalorian. Every time we have a really great director contribute to Star Wars, we up the chance of something new and innovative being added to the visual vocabulary of Star Wars in general.

Will there be a delay in the production?

There’s been a lot of questions by friends and fans about season two being delayed due to Covid-19. The truth is I do not know anything about a delay and right now, I’m not expecting one and I hope there isn’t a delay. The general consensus amongst industry people has been that the visual effects load on these productions is front heavy because of the giant LED screens they use to make immersive set environments. While I cannot confirm a slowdown or anything on that front right now, that logic seems sound and I hope that’s the reality of the situation. If the show is as visual effect heavy at the start of production, hopefully, the show is released this October as planned. If I hear anything credible otherwise, I will, of course, let you know.


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