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Now, This is Podcasting! The Mos Eisley Quarantina: Episode 292!

Michael Biehn cast in Mando.

In this episode of Now, THIS is Podcasting!, we discuss the Star Wars: The Mandalorian casting of Michael Biehn. However, we could not do the show like we usually do because of Covid-19. So Jason calls Randy because who knows what that guy has. Who knows what either have them have honestly.

  • Michael Biehn cast in Mando.
  • Biehn details on his role in the show.
  • Robert Rodriguez directed a Mando episode.
  • /Film had the scoop Ahsoka was in The Mando.
  • Deadline plagiarizes MSW via their corporate policy and many others before finally recanting after the story has died.
  • Fantha Tracks was right about the triangular radar dish on the Falcon in The Rise of Skywalker.

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